Proud to Partner

Answering needs...

                    Causing change...through community commitment!

                                                                     Measuring success, one child at a time!

Partner Schools

  • Mae Jemison High School

  • Columbia High School

  • McNair Jr. High School

  • Dawson Elementary School

  • Lakewood Elementary School

  • Ridgecrest Elementary School

  • Rolling Hills Elementary School

Why partner?

​​Many schools are either in, or have recently exited failing status. Your commitment will help our students experience success, bettering the lives of these families.  

Bridging the gap and meeting the needs of our students in areas of social and cultural development, through one on one and group activities, relevant incentive programs, and community "in reach" will help motivate students to embrace learning.  

Partner with us to create a culturally relevant paradigm shift in school climate and culture, and then let the school bell ring!  We evaluate each school site and then tailor our partners to produce the highest results for our kids!   

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