Answering needs...

                    Causing change...through community commitment!

                                                                     Measuring success, one child at a time!

   Proud to Partner

Welcome, Potential Partners!

We are so excited that you are considering joining forces with the Proud to Partner initiative!  We desire that all students experience academic and social success.  Together we will work to improve the climate and culture of our schools!


We have a team of college students, elementary and secondary education professionals, counselors, clergy, family and consumer scientists, politicians, small business owners, and many, many more, with decades of experience. We embrace, and are dedicated to meeting the social, cultural and academic needs of all elementary, middle and high school students and their families!  

We know that you care, and we pray that you are guided to become a partner in this community commitment, as we answer this call to change! 


We're here to help our children learn and grow!

Ready to partner? 

      Call us at​                 256.652.6018